Punjab is a beautiful state of north-western India. Its art and craft play an important role in tradition of India. The costumes of Punjab men are very pretty. They wear turban in a sophisticated manner and women wear Salwar and Kurti with phullkari dupatta. Phulkari, traditional embroidery art known for its colorful designs and colors. These dresses wear by Punjabi women on special occasions. Punjabi people are very hard working; they have their own field where they grow wheat, rice, vegetables etc. For their fun they play many games like Kabaddi. They are found of eating and drinking, in marriages or other special occasion they enjoy very much.

Also dancing is their favorite entertainment source, in Punjab it is called “Bhangra”.  Women make fun in their dance which is called “Giddha”. In Amritsar famous “Golden Temple” is situated, it is very religious place. Many reverent come all the days of a year to this “Golden Temple”.

Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab, which is very good and clean city. Visitor comes to this city like its beauty and its cleanness.