The Department of Social Sciences offers an undergraduate program leading to the B.Sc degree. Started in 1999, the Department of Social Sciences is home to a number of distinct disciplines in the Social Sciences and Humanities including Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Fashion, International Relations, History, Literature, Language, Philosophy, and Religion. The Department offers a concentration in three disciplines in the Social Sciences and two in the Humanities. The Social Science disciplines which currently offer a concentration are Anthropology and Sociology, Political Science and Psychology. Two disciplines in the Humanities, Literature and Philosophy currently offer a concentration and efforts are underway to ensure that students can complete a concentration in History and Languages. The Department of Social Sciences in conjunction with the Department of Economics also offers a dual major in Politics and Economics. The aim of the Social Sciences is to explore and explain the human aspects of the world, and currently, students are required to concentrate on two traditional disciplines as a part of their studies. The department is keen to develop more rigorous qualitative and quantitative research courses as well as to expose students to a variety of theoretical approaches from each discipline. The department has proponents of both a cross disciplinary approach who emphasize philosophical links between disciplines, as well those who favor moving within traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The combined Social Sciences and Humanities program introduces students to a wide range of perspectives, principles and research in consonance with the University’s endeavor to provide students with a world class liberal arts education. The SS Major aims to inculcate in students an intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning and to endow them with the critical tools and the intellectual wherewithal necessary to undertake the rigors of graduate study and scholarly research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The distinctive quality of the education imparted to SS Majors will equip them with the skills necessary to think independently unfettered by orthodoxies, excel at work, assume leadership positions in society and make valuable contributions to their communities.

In addition to offering courses to SS Majors, the department is also tasked with fulfilling the electives requirement of the LUMS undergraduate program. There is a strong emphasis on developing survey courses for students majoring in other disciplines. As a young and evolving department we have adopted an interdisciplinary focus, exploring connections between traditional disciplines as well developing courses in the core ideas of each discipline. The distinctive quality of the education imparted to SS Majors will equip them with the skills necessary to excel at work, assume leadership positions in society and make valuable contributions to their communities.

The department of Social Sciences attracts and retains a faculty with advanced degrees from the leading universities in the world. Many members of the faculty are widely published and renowned scholars who have distinguished themselves in their areas of expertise. The department aims to furnish students an exciting environment in which to undertake path breaking work. In the future, the department envisions taking advantage of its strategic location in an exciting region in the world to develop research programs, as well as to increase faculty strength. We hope to become the leading department in what has traditionally been a neglected area of academics in Pakistan.

The web pages of the five disciplines that currently offer concentrations (Anthropology and Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and Literature) contain detailed information about their curricula. This information includes a description of the subject matter, methodology and objectives of each discipline, core and elective courses offered, frequency of offering and a distribution of units within each discipline.

For tables containing information pertaining to the distribution of units for SS Majors in the Social Sciences and students majoring in Politics and Economics as well as information about the University Core Requirements, Click here (MS Word document).